your fish

Our fish is super fresh and always caught on the same day as you receive it. You never know what you will receive because the fishers never know what they will get in the nets, sometimes we may have a few weeks in a row that you may receive the same species but we do try and get a variety for you.

You will expect to see over the 8 or 12 week season Grey Mullet, Huss, Dover Sole, Bream, Cod, Gurnard,Bass, Mackerel and more.

There are over 100 fish species  you can eat within the UK, some of the fish we maybe bring you to the Community Fish Box you might of never seen or heard of before, but do not fear, this is the exciting part and we will help you prepare or find recipes.

Don't forget all our fish is given to you whole, please watch some of the links we have included to help you learn how to gut and fillet fish.

You will need to purchase a good filleting knife and a fish de-scaler to help you with your fish, both of these items can be ordered direct with us.

Also you can click here to search for different species and their nutritional value . The link will take you to 'Fish is the Dish' website. This is a fantastic site to visit for recipe ideas, cook books, competitions, how to guides.