your fishers


Peter Williams is the local Hampshire fisher, he prides himself in sustainable caught fish. Peter is involved in fishing on many levels including the first fisherman to ever pilot a Community Supported Fishery with the UK he was involved with the start up of Catchbox, he and his wife Chantelle now run their very own weekly collection called 'Community Fish Box'. 

He is also a trustee of Fishing into the future. Peter has had the pleasure of meeting Prince Charles and Monty Halls. Peter is the proud owner of boat Sarah C - SE121, she is a Cygnus GM under 10 meter boat, Peter pushes her to her limits working 7 days a week in all weathers when physically possible. Peters family are fully behind the family business with his wife Chantelle helping where she can, including going out on the boat and running Community Fish Box, there daughter Alishia loves getting involved too.  We are members of The Emsworth Business Association,  Please see some of the photos below:


Marcus is a local fisher based in Selsey, he has fished for over 30 years. Marcus has helped Peter on a number of occasions and they fish daily together each on their own boats. Marcus has just bought an amazing new fishing boat, a 9.2 Cheetah, it can reach speeds of up to 22 knots and is fitted with twin Yamaha 70hp engines. Marcus will be fishing up to 50 mile round trips, potting and drift netting around Selsey, the Nab and the south side of the island. 

He too prides himself in locally caught sustainable fish.