We have some amazing feedback for what we do and it's about time we start shouting out about it, please read some below:

Wow!..this is one of the real benefits of living near the sea. Fresh wonderful fish direct from our friendly fisherman and his lovely wife Chantelle. My kids adore seeing the variety of fish that is caught locally and enjoy selecting what to have. They also had such fun looking after a fresh crab one day. It helps them to understand why it is so important to protect our natural resources and buy fish that is sustainably caught. It is also good for the kids to eat healthy fresh fish. Advice on fish preparation is always available from Chantelle and from other members! I really adore being part of this group and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in eating delicious and affordable fresh fish that is sustainably caught. It is also great to support local heros such as Pete and Chantelle.

Rachael Bridger

My husband and I joined the fish box scheme so that we could introduce local fish in to our diet. We had already begun eating locally reared beef and organically grown produce from a nearby small holding. Other than bits of cod and salmon now and again neither of us ate much fish but we were keen to change this, when the opportunity arose to buy in to this local scheme we decided to go for it.  

There are times when you don't want to be gutting and descaling your own lunch but these times are far outweighed by the experience of eating a fantastic range of local, fresh fish. We have discovered new, delicious meals that we would never have otherwise tried, skate wings being a good example. Last weekend we had baked bream with local organic veg; I could have gone the rest of my life without eating bream if it weren't for this scheme and now I know I would have been missing out. Any food purchase needs to have a feel good factor and this comes with the excellent service from Pete and Chantelle, and their daughter too. Chantelle is brilliant at customer service with her informative communications and ability to remember everyone's names. When you pick up your fish you are face to face with someone who has worked really hard to make sure it's the best and who wants you to enjoy the produce. All in all joining the scheme has changed the way we eat and opened up a whole new culinary world to us. The fact that it is local, healthy, good value and sustainable is the icing on the cake. 


"The Community Fish Box is a wonderful amenity which contributes to healthy and sustainable eating not only by providing fresh-from-the-boat fish but also through Peter and Chantelle's commitment to helping people understand more about fish and fishing.  The Fish Box scheme is educational in itself as it makes us all realise our fundamental dependence on the seasons and many factors that affect the variety and availability of our food."


We have as a family bought and eaten fish and shellfish from fresh from the boat for the last 2 years.

The fish is always fresh, local and sustainable; and of course delicious! 

We enjoy having the opportunity to try different species which has been brilliant especially for our 3 year old daughter who loves seeing and eating all the different fish.

Both Chantelle and Peter are passionate about what they do and keen to get everyone eating fish. They are an asset to the local community in Emsworth. 

I frequently recommend their fish to friends and family without hesitation.”



I have only recently joined Chantelle and Pete with their Fresh from the Boat scheme but think it is an absolutely brilliant idea so that people can buy locally caught fresh fish every week.
I cannot express enough what admiration I have for them and the dedication they have for their enterprise, also the encouragement they give to other local businesses with the same desire to provide fresh local produce to their community.
So far I have tried different fish each week and along with the fish I receive advise on how to cook it !
I think anyone with amount of work ethic and cheerful dedication should receive any help that is going.


We first met Peter Williams two years ago while walking along Thorney Island path, he was fishing just off shore.  He noted our interest in his boat and equipment and immediately turned his boat towards the shore, introduced himself and began to tell us about his work as a local fisher.  He clearly had an extensive knowledge of Chichester Harbour , the fish stocks, sustainability issues and the inter- relationship between the harbour area and the local community.

As two ex-teachers, we were really impressed with his open, friendly approach and his excellent communication skills in sharing his knowledge passionately with us (a newly arrived family in Emsworth)

This year we have joined the community fish box which Peter and his wife Chantelle run.  We receive a weekly share of Peter’s catch and it is fresh, high quality and great value.  We have just signed up for a second season which runs throughout autumn.

Earlier this year we attended a community event which was organised by Peter and Chantelle.  It was a great opportunity to learn about different species of fish which in turn encourages local consumers to make more informed choices about the fish they eat.  I feel Peter and Chantelle have at the heart of what they do, a sense of responsibility and duty to encourage us to be more responsible and thoughtful consumers.

They delivered a very informative presentation about fishing methods, various species of fish and sustainability issues and there were also filleting demonstration by a local chef.  It was a really great event for the whole family, with activities to engage children and raffle prizes.

As local community members and local consumers, Andy and I are proud to be community fish box members, knowing that our commitment  to a season means that local fishers can be guaranteed some income.  This is truly a community spirited endeavour and have recently learned that Peter and Chantelle have ideas about supporting other local fishers. 

They recently launched a crowd funding project and hit their target.  They were able to purchase an ice machine which enables them to keep more of their catch local while also benefitting other local fishers.

We fully support all that Peter and Chantelle are doing and wish them every success.  More community events are needed to spread the word and educate consumers.

Some of the crowdfunding comments:



You can go shopping now. Good Luck to your project. Lynda and Bruce



Good Luck. its so important to keep local life going.



So happy to support this. Good luck!



Keep up the good work we are so amazed at how hard you work to get us fresh fish. It is a privilege to be backing this project . Every blessing . Lizzy & Michael



Good luck with this. So important for Emsworth:))



Appalled at the effects of quota restrictions - hope this helps.



A great idea. Good luck!



Hello Peter and Chantelle, I wish you every success...it's so great to have a local fishing boat to bring us the freshest (and most sustainable) fish to enjoy! Valerie



Good luck, Peter and Chantelle. We are all grateful for what you do.