You order on the order now page for a weekly or fortnightly collection of fresh fish or shell fish.

You never know what fish is going to be there for you but that's all part of it, it all depends on what the fishers catch that day. It is literally that fresh, its straight from the boat in cool boxes and to collection points, We have species such as Huss, Bass, Bream, Grey Mullet, Dover Sole, Mackerel, Live Crab, Live Lobster, Scallops and much more it all depends on the time of year and whats about swimming in our Solent!  

Some weeks you may receive the same species but we shall try and introduce you to a good variety. You are buying a share of the fisherman's catch for that day, because you can never get a fish that weighs exactly a kilo you may sometimes get slightly over or under your weight but during the season we shall ensure you have received the full weight you have paid for.

Sometimes it is just impossible for fishers to get out this maybe due to weather or tide restrictions but if that happens you won't lose out. We just roll the season on an extra week and you will be notified as soon as possible via a text message or phone call.

How much does it cost?

There is no membership fee for our new community fish box collection, but we do ask for a small admin fee of £3 per season, this is to go towards the running of the hub for things like ice, bags etc.

We will also be holding some more filleting lessons for learners.

The cost for the fish is £7 per kilo per week (1-2 kilo orders) or fortnightly and you pay for the 12 week season in advance. So for example if you order: 1 kilo for 12 weeks =£84 + £3 admin fee = Total £87 1 kilo for 12weeks (fortnightly collection - 6 collections) = £42 + £3 admin fee £45.

How to order.

Please visit the order now page.

Fill in all boxes and if possible please include a mobile number, this helps to keep good communication with you, when required.

You will receive a automated message back to acknowledge your order and within 2 working days receive an email with bank details if required. This email will come from