Are you a local fisher and want to get involved?

For every 30 members we get, we can support another local fisher with a weekly income. If you want to supply us fresh fish and are a local registered commercial fishing boat then please get in touch!

Also if you are a fisher anywhere within the UK and want to create a Community Supported Fishery with our  permission you can use our interface, name, brand, etc. I will help you with marketing, getting members, cool boxes and spend time with you so you understand why a community supported fishery is good for you and your community, all for FREE.

I want to make it easy, less time consuming process for you, all you need to do is get in touch and you could be on your way to running a sustainable fishery, that will bring you £6 per kilo for your fish. 

A Community Fish Box is all about recreating a vital community link that has been lost over time!

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