Welcome to "My Community Fish Box" your local weekly or fortnightly fresh fish and shell fish collection run by Chantelle Williams wife of a local Hampshire fisherman,

 "My Community Fish Box" is a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) it's all about encouraging healthy eating, supporting your local fisherman, protecting our seas and local heritage while supplying you with super fresh fish and shell fish.

We are now in our third year of running this fantastic Fish Box. Community Fish Box is a weekly or fortnightly collection of fresh WHOLE fish or shell fish, you can order 1 or 2 kilos.

Currently 2018 seasons still awaiting dates and for the Spring Fish to arrive

Don't forget if you don't want whole fish you can get delivered prepared fish from us! Visit our sister website by clicking here!

You will never know what fish you will get until we catch it, this can vary from Mullet, Bass, Bream, Mackerel, Live Crab we just never know.

When ordering you pay in advance for a  8 or  12 week season, This ensures the fisherman get a regular income and can supply you with fresh fish at this special price of £7 per kilo.

Our aim is to get fresh local fish to our local community and show you how to prepare and cook different species, while supporting our UK under 10 meter fishing vessels. Only a few years ago all of our catch was shipped abroad, creating huge food miles and our community was missing out on Fresh Fish, that has now changed and nearly all of our daily catch is sold locally.

You can find out more about our boat and fishing family by visiting our sister page


Our collection points are in Emsworth and Chichester please visit our community hub page for more information.

You can be involved as much or as little as you like. You are more than welcome to volunteer at one of our hubs and meet new friends and fish lovers.

2018 season to be announced soon.

Below is the link to our film which has just won a Royal Society Television award, its a brief insight to our fishing family and the hardship we face!


A lot of people ask why do we offer a Community Supported Fishery, well here are a few reasons why!

We run a community supported fishery for a number of reasons, we believe the fish belong to the people, why shouldn’t our local community be able to get fish that is caught locally to them. The fish is caught within hours of it been in your carrier bag and taken away. We believe everyone should have the right to be eating healthy at an affordable price and at £7 per kilo we know that you can’t get fish this fresh, cheaper anywhere else.

We want to continue with reducing food miles and ensure that 95% if not 100% of our catch and other local fishing boats is sold and eaten locally by 2016.

My Community Fish Box is all about the fishers, its run by fishers, for the fishers and the community.

Community Fish Box is all about recreating a vital community link that has been lost over time because of peoples buying habits, lives are busier, through no fault of their own. This then means people buy their fish that is available at huge supermarkets. Most of the fish that is difficult to handle or process is shipped abroad or used as bait. This is a real shame as we are surrounded by such a wonderful array of beautiful fish.

This then means local fishermen get paid very little for those species, but if people reconnect like they do through ‘community fish box’ with the fishermen these species are made available to them, generally the buyers aren’t even aware these species exist, until they are greeted with them in their fish box.

This then reduces food miles and the fishers are fishing sustainably because they are fishing for seasonal fish rather than one or two stocks throughout the year.

We are a not for profit Community Supported Fishery. Each member signs up for 8-12 weeks, they pay in advance, £7 per kilo of fish or shell fish and they can choose to have 1 or 2 kilos of fish, weekly or fortnightly.

Out of the £7 per kilo, £6 gets paid direct to the fisherman and the £1 gets put in the pot to use for things like carrier bags, cool boxes for fishers, insurance website, knives, cleaning products and anything else we need.

We want to protect our waters and fish them in the most sustainable way possible so we have a good fishery now and for future generations to come.